The following experiences can be hosted in-venue at The Hills, or out-of-venue at your home or office.

Upon check-out, you will be asked to specify your preferred dates and times, and we will worth closely with you to create an unforgettable experience to fit in with you and your guests!


What is Natural Wine?

$49pp, minimum 10 people ($450 total)

Includes six wines, plus snacks throughout.

Natural Wine? Yes, unfortunately what was once just referred to as ‘wine’ now needs to be differentiated from the mass-made, highly manipulated, homogenised versions of itself by putting that very divisive and controversial prefix ‘Natural’ in front of the word wine.

Join us for a tasting where we discuss terroir, the differences between conventional, organic and bio-dynamic farming, and why we get so caught up with how much sulfur has been added to a wine.

The discussion will take place over seven delicious wines which have been made with as little human interference in the winery as possible

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French Wine 101

$65pp, minimum 10 people ($550 total)

Includes eight wines, plus snacks throughout.

As much as we believe there has never been a more exciting time to drink and discover Australian wine, fermented grape juice from France will always hold a very special place in our hearts as the spiritual home of many of the varieties we love.

France’s complex AOC system can be daunting to navigate, leaving even the most well read of us in it’s confusing wake. Once you understand the ins and outs of it however, a world of unforgettable drinking filled with iconic places and grapes awaits…

Join us for a tasting that mimics a French buying trip by car as we race between the vineyards of Champagne, Burgundy, Beaujolais, The Rhone and Loire Valleys, and Bordeaux.

Whether you are new to French wine, or are already an avid Francophile, we guarantee you will come away from this Tasting extremely excited and inspired by the wines of France.


Burgundy Masterclass

$390pp, minimum 6 people ($2,340 total)

Includes 14 wines over two weeks, with snacks throughout

Finding your way through Burgundy's maze of labels - sorting village from vineyard from producer - is the first step towards appreciating its glorious products and drinking them is an experience second-to-none. In a nutshell: Burgundy is a small, dynamic, sometimes infuriatingly confusing region that delivers paradise in a bottle with increasing frequency. JANCIS ROBINSON

The Spiritual home of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, Burgundy is a mosaic of vineyards located to the South-East of Paris. With dizzying prices and increasing scarcity, it is a fabled region that makes many a devout wine lover weak at the knees. Mapped out by monks over centuries, Burgundy is the template of ‘terroir’, the idea that specific plots of dirt result in astonishingly different wines due to environmental factors such as soil, aspect, altitude, and wind.

Although place plays such an integral part in great Burgundy, and it would be easy to reach for the words Location, Location, Location… it is a region where the words Producer, Producer, Producer have never been more important.

To understand this confusing contradiction and unravel many more, we welcome you to come discover the famous villages, iconic vineyards and elite producers of this exhalated region with us!


REAL Champagne - Great Grower Masterclass

$99pp, minimum 8 people ($792 total)

Includes six Champagne’s, plus snacks throughout

Champagne… a word that conjures images of luxury and prestige, a beverage used to toast successes, break over the bows of boats, and spray off F1 podiums. Its expensive, but generally never taken seriously - we start the meal with it, before moving onto ‘real wine’.

Join us for a tasting that hopefully makes you see Champagne in a whole new light, through the lens of the great grower producers.

Whereas most wines from Champagne have historically been homogenised beverages, born of purchased fruit, built to a house style with the intention of pleasing ‘a market’, a group of renegade growers have been leading a revolution since the 80’s, with the intention of creating ‘wines’ from Champagne that are pure, mineral, taste like fruit, and resonate with a sense of place.

The names of Larmandier-Bernier, Egly-Ouriet and Agrapart are now legendary when discussing the great wines of Champagne.

You will never see Champagne the same way again!